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Network Members
  • CASD Secure Data Access Centre
  • CDSP Center for Socio-Political Data
  • CMH-ADISP Centre Maurice Halbwachs - Data Archive of French National Statistics
  • INED National Institute of Demographic Studies

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  • Its missions
  • The missions of the Réseau Quetelet revolve around 3 axes: data archiving, free distribution and (...) »»»
  • Its members
  • The Réseau Quetelet’s core comprises four partner units. These partner units bring with them to (...) »»»
  • Le Réseau Quetelet et le CESSDA
  • The Réseau Quetelet is a member of CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data (...) »»»
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    In case of difficulty, please refer to the partner unit that your application concerns.

    Who do I make enquires to about the data field I am researching?

    Each partner has made the catalogue for its data collection available and is alone authorized to provide additional information to enhance usage of the datasets it distributes.

    - Contact the CMH-ADISP for more information about surveys and data from the national statistics institutes (Insee, statistical departments of several ministries and other public institutions).

    Centre Maurice Halbwachs
    ADISP - Equipe de diffusion des données
    48 bv Jourdan
    75014 PARIS

    - For more information about French official hightly-detailled data (individual and household data, business data) : contact CASD

    Centre d’accès sécurisé aux données
    Groupe des Écoles Nationales d’Économie et Statistique (GENES)
    3, avenue Pierre Larousse
    92245 Malakoff

    - For more information about socio-political data, in particular from Cevipof, and electoral data from the French Ministry of the Interior contact the CDSP

    Centre de Données Socio-Politiques
    27 rue Saint Guillaume
    75337 PARIS cedex 07

    - Contact INED for more information about the socio-demographic data it produces

    Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques
    Service des enquêtes et sondages
    133 bv Davout
    75980 Paris cedex 20

    Network coordination

    Coordination of Réseau Quetelet should be soon provided by the department CESSDA-France of the TGIR Progedo, in connection with the CESSDA European infrastructure. Pending the establishment of such coordination, contact Progedo from the Contact web page.

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